Theatre Rental:

To rent the facility, contact the Executive Director at 936.441.SHOW.


The rates are based on the profit status of the renting organization. Each renter must have proof of liability insurance coverage naming the Crighton Theatre Foundation as loss payee.


  • Show dates
  • Fri, Sat, or Sun
  • Rehearsal Days* (Mon - Thu)
  • $1700/day
  • $1700/day
  • $450/day


  • Show dates
  • Fri, Sat, or Sun
  • Rehearsal Days* (Mon - Thu)
  • $2000/day
  • $2000/day
  • $450/day
*Rehearsal dates defined as no audience.

Box Office Fee:

There is a $4.00 or 40%,whichever is less, renovation per ticket sold for operation of the Box Office.


A minimum of one paid technician must be on hand at all times. The technician's fee is $20/hour per technician utilized. Contact the Theatre Manager for requirements for your organization.

singer with guitar group of singers # sound system lighting system

Technical Specifications:

Stage Dimensions:

33 feet deep, 26 feet between proscenium. Click here for a detailed drawing of the theatre.

Dressing Rooms:

2 @ 10 x 10
1 @ 12 x 10
3 @ 6 x 10

Wing Space:

Stage right opens to scene shop 24 x 30
Stage left opens to area 6 x 10

Fly System:

Counter weight system with 10 potential battens

In-House Monitor:

Clear-com 10 station

Video Monitor:

Color camera in back of balcony

Sound System:

32 channel Soundcraft Live board with four aux mix send. Four JBL 12-inch monitor wedges, four Rinkus-Hines wedges mounted in ceiling, two on delay for balcony. One center floor subwoofer. Digital wireless mics (12) capability includes 5 receivers with Countryman headsets 7 lavalier and 3 equipped with hand-held mics. Two snakes with 8 Mic position send and one return, one each side. One 5-disc CD changer, CD-R compatible. One Digitech effects processor (utilizes one aux mix when in use). Additional equipment includes Five Shure SM-58 mics and thre SM57 mics with single hand slide mic-stands four tri-pods mic stands. Two 12-inch Ramsa with horns and one 12 position Mackie Mini Mixer. Soundboard at back of balcony in the house

Lighting System:

Front of house position at 45 degrees. 30 19-degree ETC Source Four ellipsoidals 545 watts, 8 ETC Source Four Jr. 545 watts, 8 ETC Pars 545 watts six 8 x 16 750 watt lekoes with stepping lens. Overhead strips on proscenium, and one on rear movable electric. Ten 12-inch scoops 750 watts, ten 6-inch 500 watt Fresnels, two 6 x 9 ellipsoidals 750 watts, four 6 x 9 lekoes 750 watts, six 6 x 6 lekoes 750 watts. ETC Element programmable board with 5000+ cue storage and 96 dimmers. 16 LED programmable floods.


Ninety six circuits split areas. Frontal beam 1 - 16 and 81-96. Trees 17 - 20 stage right and 21 -24 stage left. Fixed proscenium 25 - 39. Movable at back of stage 40 - 48 with two gangs. Center Electric 69-76. House 77-79, Sconces 80. Side wall stage right 49 - 52, and side wall stage left 53 - 56. Stage right upstage floor pocket 57 & 58, Stage left upstage floor pocket 59 & 60. Front strips 61 - 64, back strips 65 - 68. Gangs are 69 - 72. All circuits are 2400 watt, gangs are 7200 watt. System employs twist-lock connectors.

Soft Goods:

Grand curtain, plum in color. Black velvet surround with black side legs to hide rigging. Soft goods include - 1 second act and one teaser, to be positioned as needed. Also have a white cyc


Total capacity 533 permanent theatre seats. Additional folding chairs can be added depending on sound requirements. See seating plot.


There is a centralized ticketing office. There is a $3 or 20%, whichever is less, per ticket service charge. See rental information for more details. Box office hours are 3:00 pm - 6:00pm Monday - Friday, 3:00 pm to show time on show dates. Phone 936.441.SHOW.